Giraffe feeding never gets old. The Living Desert, Indian Wells,CA

Idylwild, CA

Sand storm on El Paseo. Sunny & 85 about 10 mins ago.

Empty lot last week - Fashion Week runways next week.


Roger That! BMP paribas Indian Wells

There is a base to a broken floodlight in this photo. It was spun out of the ceiling of our master bedroom porch by 20 straight mins of 50 mph winds.

New York Knicks fans, you do not deserve this, and they most certainly do not deserve you. In a league that sends more than half its teams to the postseason, the Knicks have given you one playoff series victory since Patrick Ewing was traded in 2000. One.

Here’s your winner, for sure!

Bluewater Area Scouts Kub Kar rally - view from the Top of the Track!

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